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  1. TheFusilier
    Partying with the founder
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  2. Avariea
    Staring into the void
    1. David
      its a dark one
      Nov 10, 2017
  3. TheFusilier
    Back in the Saddle me Ducks.
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    2. David
      duck duck
      Oct 25, 2017
  4. Reapshavok
    Reapshavok David
    Hey, this is Reaper. Sorry I got a different name on the website. :)
  5. TheFusilier
    Going to be more Active in the Community, both on and its associated Discord.
  6. Jake
    Jake Biff
    Sup biff I see ya in ark
  7. Donald J Trump
    Donald J Trump
    I suspect chemical weapons on Carno island, get ready. bigly
    1. David
      welcome back trump we missed you
      Apr 9, 2017
  8. Del
    Anyone know what is going on with the Center Server. It's been down for hours and haven't heard a thing
    1. David
      It crashed while I was asleep It is back in operation again
      Apr 9, 2017
  9. Mega
    Mega Richinnn
    Hey Richinn, The server seems to be down for a bit. I have somewhere to be soon. I will be back on tomorrow and we can do what we discussed. You're not on my steam friends list, so this was my only other option to contact you bro. I will try 1 more time to log on, otherwise, tomorrow. Mega

    Oh, you can add me, my steam name is bjf1230 That goes for anyone else as well.
  10. B3ntDownSpoon
    Lol these flyers are just nice and dandy
  11. Dragon_Demon
    Looking for Tribe
  12. Garbage
    So long and thanks for all the fish!
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    2. David
      what does that mean ?
      Feb 22, 2017
    3. Garbage
      It means that I am secretly a dolphin
      Feb 22, 2017
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    4. Dragon_Demon
      Feb 24, 2017
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  13. Elder Jack
    Elder Jack
    Servers are down due to an issue with the ISP. We unfortunately can not aid in making this any faster. Please contact us via forums.
  14. xJJx
    xJJx Sorrells
    thank u sorrells u da man!!
  15. Sorrells
    Farming Simulator is Fun
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    2. xJJx
      Been wanting to check that out. If u get a chance sorrells. could u please help out with that quetz? Just wann do a bit of breeding while v day boost is still active thanks dood!
      Feb 17, 2017
  16. Garbage
    Lemon wolf is best wolf
  17. Sorrells
    modem sucks getting a new one soon with a new router yeah
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  18. Elder Jack
    Elder Jack
    Server is down for maintenance. Will be back in one hour. So, until then, i will deliver fuel to the fine citizens of Los Santos.
  19. StealthyPotPlant
    I have one eye, and it's going blind.
  20. Rook
    Not dead yet.
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