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  1. David

    [Resolved] Drunk's Report

    this issue has been resolved.
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  3. David

    Taming Shieldhorns and Razortooths

    So I have done a bit of research into this and I have found something interesting. Some Shieldhorns and Razortooths you can and can't tame it depends on the name of the creature. I have taken screenshots to help elaborate on this. A Free Shieldhorn: A non Free Shieldhorn Now the trick with...
  4. David

    Weekend Events 1/26 - 1/27

    Weekend boost events now set to go live on next server reboots. Atlas is being left out for now but we'll start adding it to the weekend events later early next month. Ark: Half Breeding intervals Half Maturation time Conan Exiles: Half time for thrall conversion 7 Days to Die: Air drops set...
  5. David

    Happy New Years

    Greetings Members, Thank you for another wonderful year at Davidscloud. We have grown so much. The community continues to expand and gain more people. We would be nothing if it was not for you. There has been many upsides and many downsides this year but we always managed to maintain course. It...
  6. David

    [Resolved] Bighead's Report

    Teleported the dino to you. Ticket resolved.
  7. David

    Limited Support During Holiday Notice

    Members, During the times of 12/23/18 to 12/28/18 Tickets will not be answered. Staff will off for the holiday and not be responded to tickets. If you see them please do not bother them this is their time off. If you do have a issue please still submit a ticket and staff will answer it when...
  8. David

    [Resolved] Zeilos's Report

    I will come assist you with this.
  9. David

    [Resolved] Kase's Report

    still waiting on user to be online.
  10. David

    [Resolved] wild's Report

    uninstall any mods you have then reinstall the mods.
  11. David

    [Resolved] Papa JMar's Report

    resolved issue.
  12. David

    [Resolved] RosieSquish's Report

    ticket has been resolved.
  13. David

    [Resolved] Garbacca's Report

    Spawned you in replacement and put it in the replicator you have at your base. If you need anything else please let us know.
  14. David

    [Resolved] Garbacca's Report

    Garbacca, We are all on holiday and do not answer tickets usually. However, this is a known map issue and we can't fix this. We can give you the artifacts though when admins are back on duty. I will have one come assist you soon as one is available.
  15. David

    [Resolved] Scat Head's Report

    will have an admin look into this as soon as one is on!
  16. David

    Ark Extinction Server Opening

    So I wanted to clarify some things. The shop will be disabled for the first few days. Transfers of Items and Dinos to extinction will be disabled for 2 weeks. You can transfer dinos out of the map tho. You still will get a starter dino. do /buykit starter and then /kit starter if your an...
  17. David

    Ark Extinction Server Opening

    Members, Extinction will be released tomorrow and we will have our server up and running when it comes out. You will be able to transfer your person but not dinos or items at first. There will be a delay of 2 weeks before we open all transfers. This is to ensure everyone will enjoy the...
  18. David

    Why meowth?

    Why meowth?
  19. David

    Op dimo: public offer

    how many points for it ?
  20. David

    [Resolved] Filianore's Report

    This is being reviewed the stacking mod is not compatible with our systems.