Announcement to Concerns and Feedback

  • Due to the COVID-19 outbreak many of our staff members have been dealing with issues. This will impact response times. Please be patient and someone will respond to you as soon as possible.
Hey there!

We had some awesome feedback, some of you are super happy with the community while some of you have some concerns and issues. It is very important to let us know what you think is needing improvement, as you can see what we might miss. Your feedback is what helps us change and improve to be a better community for everyone. We plan to address many of your concerns and make any appropriate changes to issues brought up. While we may not be able to please everyone, it is important to do our best.

One concern, Announcements were widely talked about in the survey. Looking back on the last few months it is clear we have not given enough notice on all ongoings. So going forward we will make sure to give more notice to the community and try to keep you updated as much as we possibly can.

The biggest issue mentioned in the survey is events, specifically monthly and regularly scheduled events. Events we’ve lacked for a while due to a myriad of reasons and we plan to change that. Going forward the staff at Davidscloud will be doing at least one big community event every month along with weekend events to fill in the gaps. We will of course continue to do raffles as well weekly. One event map will be dedicated to our event staff to construct and hold events. This will allow us to do a wide variety of events such as building contests, races, and even PVP events. We will post more about this at a later date with our first event planned to take place sometime this coming month. Since it’s a new plan of action for us it may take a little bit to get everything set up and get adjusted to this new schedule. To help make sure this plan goes well, we have introduced a new role that is going to help with events. Event Staff is now an official role our admins can be assigned to them if they want to help, run, or create events. This group will be taggable in discord so you can communicate with them easier to ask questions, suggest events, or even let them know if you’re having fun.

It was also brought to our attention that the website could use some sprucing up. We are currently looking into how to make it easier to find information and reduce clutter. We would personally love more people to use the forums since it is a great tool for us to keep records and show people, new members, just how active and friendly we are. So we did hear you and you can expect changes are coming soon. If you want to make suggestions for what you’d like to see, or not see, on the website be sure to leave a comment in the discord #suggestions-and-feedback channel.

Now to address the most concerning comments, there was regrettably some talk of admin abuse and unprofessional behavior. Davidscloud takes a zero-tolerance policy to admin abuse and any case of inappropriate behavior will be taken very seriously and we will look into all and any cases of it. PLEASE, do not be silent and speak up, we will investigate it all from simply abusing commands to bullying people. Contact Community Officers or Community Staff about this if you suspect abuse. If it is someone of high rank, contact any of the Community Administrators directly, even if it is one of them. We can't stress how important that this is if you feel something is wrong then please speak up. It may be simply a misunderstanding or a serious problem, either way, we can’t address the problem unless we know about it so it’s vital to talk about it. Do not be afraid to report, you will never be penalized for speaking your concerns. We have provided many ways of communicating serious issues, including the Player vs Player report system on our website that is fully confidential and only the most trusted staff members that have signed an NDA can see them. Additionally, David and Rook are always available if you believe a staff member of wrongdoing through the website, discord, or email if you want.

The final concern was about donations and how we treat people. I want it to be clear we do not favor people who donate over people who do not. A fun fact is we have actually banned more donors than nondonors in our history. It was mentioned that it is confusing having people referred to as patreons when we have PayPal as an option as well. So going forward will be renaming our donors to "Supporters". It was also brought up we have a lot of supporters, and thankfully we do. It only takes a one-time donation of at least 1$ to become a lifetime supporter. That is why you see so many in discord as we do not take the role away if you stop donating nor do we ever plan to start taking it away. We will only remove the role if fraudulently paid for or used incorrectly. As a non-profit community, we strive very hard to find non-pay-to-win features that won’t give anyone an advantage but still provide them with at least some thanks for their support. This is why our donation goals are, and will always be, something the whole community can collect even if they haven’t donated. I will also be making a breakdown on things on the donation page following the next month so people can see what funds are used for.

Hopefully, we’ve made some positive changes and shed some light on the concerns and issues brought to us. We thank everyone for their feedback and will be using it to improve our community.

- Davidscloud Team