Community Changes

Greetings Members,

With the information, we gathered from multiple surveys and listening to the community we have decided to make some changes to ensure the community remains strong and growing. We will start with community meetings. For a long time, we have only done internal staff meetings once a month but we are going to try rolling out an overall community meeting so everyone that wants to provide input and their opinions will have another outlet for that. We planned to have this happen right before or after our internal meeting but that is still to be decided as we try it out. For the first time, it will happen right before our internal staff meeting. The first public community meetings will be held Saturday, March 20th, 6-7:30 pm EST. We hope this will allow us to better interact with you guys as a community.

Secondly, it breaks our heart to say this but atlas is going to be sailing into the sunset once again until the game can make a comeback. As of right now, it requires a ton of resources and everyone is tired of it with nothing to do. Many members and staff upset with the direction the developers are going with the game and we don't see it being beneficial to keep hosting it. There is barely 1,500 people playing daily overall in atlas, and with so many other servers out there it doesn't seem possible to bring in a decent following currently. So we will be reallocating the resources from atlas to provide more ark servers and even a rust server since that has been widely requested. So atlas will be archived and stored on our NAS for a future return we hope. All progress you did on the server will be saved and moved into storage.

Thirdly, from this point forward all event announcements will be made on Monday providing people a full week notice instead of Friday. Your feedback was perfectly clear you guys as a community wanted this. We will start doing this on March 8th 2021.

With the resources being available we would like to hear what YOU want to be hosted with it. You can provide feedback here on that

Thank you all for being part of the Davidscloud family and for your continued support.

- Davidscloud Team


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