Community Garage Sale! 10/9 & 10/10

Added to Calendar: 10-09-20, 10-10-20

Dino Garage Sale (1).png

This week on Davidscloud we're hosting another Community Garage Sale--this time including Primal Fear!

Primal Fear Ragnarok - Friday 10/9, 8-10p EST
Event Map Valguero - Saturday 10/10, 10p-12a EST

Here's how it works:
  • You bring the creatures and items you're looking to sell!
  • Decide what you're charging for your wares! Points, Ingots, Element, etc. You choose their worth!
  • Show up to either PF Rag or Event Map Val during the times listed, and set up shop! (Location TBD on PF Rag. [72,74] on Event Map Val)
- Shoppers--bring multiple forms of currency, but be careful when transferring and traveling. Upload your materials to ARK data in an obelisk to have on hand without potentially losing your items in a classic Ark mishap. For added security, screenshot your inventory before transfers in both directions!

- Name your creatures with details and what you're charging for them, then shoppers won't have to ask! (ex. if you're selling a breedable equus for 1000 ingots, name it "Breedable 1000 Ingots")

- Bring your own food, water, etc. to keep yourself sustained while you shop.

- Don't take offense when people want to negotiate price, and don't be afraid to negotiate as a shopper!

- All sales are final! No returns or exchanges will be facilitated by the admins on duty.

- Once you have your stall set up, post pics to Discord in the #buy-sell-trade channel! Someone that can't attend in game may be interested in buying what you're selling!

As always, message or mention Mags with any questions!