Community Meeting Notes March 2021

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Dec 25, 2016
Discussing ed ed and eddy (random banter)

Talking about getting fluffy to become admin

Discussing anti cheat for mindcraft as its a concern but pixelmon doesnt entirely need it and we can use plugins and software for vanilla minecraft. We plan on making a major overhaul for the cave update.

skulldude1978 — Today at 5:50 PM
i cant make it
Krattyboi67 — Today at 5:53 PM
i'll be in shortly
jacobharrisiow — Today at 5:55 PM
I will be present via message
jacobharrisiow — Today at 6:05 PM
Let me know when I can ask a question
1david25 — Today at 6:05 PM
you can now
Fluffy WereWolf — Today at 6:05 PM
Feel free to ask now
1david25 — Today at 6:05 PM
ask anything you want
jacobharrisiow — Today at 6:07 PM
What are your plans for attracting new players to ark? In particular primal fear?
1david25 — Today at 6:11 PM
The current plans are to be consistent with advertising. Currently it has been difficult due to limitation and down votes on some of our advertisements. Researching places to advertise and the best formats is needed and what we are doing. This is the one area we need help and to majorly address.
1david25 — Today at 6:20 PM
anymore questions?
jacobharrisiow — Today at 6:22 PM
Awesome that's good to know! Do you have the resources currently to host other maps for primal fear in the future? It would be nice to have a map like valguero. Obviously once player numbers increase
1david25 — Today at 6:22 PM
Yes we do have the resources sitting and waiting
when the silicon shortage ends we will be adding another machine as well.
As we have the funds for it
gnarnokRADSKI — Today at 6:24 PM
I am not able to join voice, I just realized my buddy and I broke the base building rules on the Island and build on the beach apparently at a spawn point. I just wanted to say I'm sorry and we will get moved as soon as we can. We spent a good while trying to find space with how many bases are allowed for each tribe.
But thanks for hosting these servers, you guys have been great.
jacobharrisiow — Today at 6:25 PM
Perfect! Also, would it be possible to add a mod for extra large foundations? I have no idea if this even exists for ark
Drandergaming — Today at 6:25 PM
If you are new its no worries we just don't want people living on the beach forever
1david25 — Today at 6:25 PM
hey its alright we are not going to bonk you or anything and we even help move bases. Indeed the beaches are for the new players not old ones so they can experience it.
1david25 — Today at 6:26 PM
currently there no mod for this and mods like that do not work very well. As atlas has taught us.
gnarnokRADSKI — Today at 6:27 PM
honestly my fault for skimming the rules. Would it be possible to create a new text chat (possibly read only) with your important links. I just now noticed everything was pinned in the main ark chat, but could help to have your new player PDF in there, the arkshop, and the server commands easier to locate?
1david25 — Today at 6:28 PM
we have a new player guide on the website
gnarnokRADSKI — Today at 6:28 PM
however, that would probably take traffic away from your website as the downside.
1david25 — Today at 6:29 PM

jacobharrisiow — Today at 6:31 PM
I don't have any more questions for now. The only other thing I already know the answer to is almanac for fjordur to make my life easier aha but you already told me that wasn't possible. Thanks for your answers!
1david25 — Today at 6:34 PM
this is currently not possible but we are working on it with what we have :slight_smile: If you have more questions do let us know
jacobharrisiow — Today at 6:36 PM
Perfect! Thank you :)

Ended meeting
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