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  • We have limited staff currently. This has resulted in extended ticket times. If you are interested in becoming an admin and helping out please apply.
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Dec 25, 2016
Welcome to Davidscloud!

Davidscloud.net is a gaming community, and as such, we believe in fostering a positive gaming experience in all of the games we actively support. That means there are some rules we ask all members to follow. As a warning, just because something isn't listed here doesn't mean that it's allowed, and this list will be updated accordingly as the games get added or change. We expect good sportsmanship among our members; we are all here to have fun together after all. Use your best judgment when conducting yourself on our servers, and if you have questions, consult an admin. Feel free to suggest rule modifications or changes if you think it's needed.

How it works:

Davidscloud operates on a three-strike system. Violating any of the rules found here will result in first a warning, then a strike if there is a failure to comply. Strikes are community-wide and permanent on your record. The first strike results in one-day ban punishment, the second strike is three days, and the third strike is a permanent ban. Keep in mind some things can not be allowed and are considered an instant third strike. Extreme sexism, racism, harassment, or hacking are all considered an automatic third strike. Davidscloud reserves the right to permanently ban anyone without warning should the situation demand it. Please keep in mind the staff are here to help you, and if you are willing to work with us, we'll be willing to work with you to help resolve conflicts with the rules.

Community Rules:

These rules are expected to be followed on all Davidscloud services and games.

  1. Members must be 13 or older to join our community. (Members joined before Dec 15, 2019, are grandfathered in)
  2. Show respect for other members. No harassment, flames, threats, hate speech, or any discriminatory speech will be tolerated. Saying a statement is “made as a joke” will not excuse it. If you are a victim of such behavior, get the attention of an admin immediately. Extreme cases are instant third strike.
  3. No hacking, attempting to hack, or joking about attempting to hack staff passwords or accounts. Do not post or share methods of cheating, exploiting, or hacking. Extreme cases are an instant third strike.
  4. Any attempt to purposely lag or crash a server will result in an instant third strike.
  5. No obscene or inappropriate names, avatars, pictures, or signatures. Do not bypass word protections (ex. @ instead of a).
  6. Do not spam chats, posts, or any of the services and games.
  7. No disrupting the community. This includes any behavior that disrupts other's ability to enjoy being a part of the community (constant raging, insults, bickering, etc.). If you have a problem with or feel harassed by another member, contact a staff member. Continued displays of toxic behavior will result in an evaluation of your place in the community and removal if necessary, or no changes to behavior are observed.
  8. No griefing, Griefing would be causing harm to players where it is not intended or allowed. Instances of this would vary from game to game, like joining a tribe on ark and stealing all their dinos and leaving the tribe, revealing door/chest codes, or blocking someone into a wall, etc so they can't do anything. This one is hard to make a concrete ruleset on and is up to community staff discretion on if the action is griefing or not. This rule of course would not apply in PVP instances or anarchy instances.
  9. Do not reveal private information about yourself, anyone else, or corporate entities. Keep your accounts, passwords, address, phone numbers, etc., to yourself. Do not ask other members for this information or try to cheat it out of them (ex. Phishing sites).
  10. Do not advertise other communities, servers, or third-party websites.
  11. Use the correct channels/forums/@admin group that is specific to your needs. Be sure to keep NSFW content in the appropriate areas only. Report server issues using !serverissue in discord. Tickets for help must be posted on the forums.
  12. Do not attempt to moderate or police other players yourself if you see a player breaking the rules or misusing the services PM a staff member.
  13. Do not openly argue with or disrespect staff. If you have a problem, use PM to resolve it. If you feel a staff member is abusive, contact a community moderator/officer/administrator by PM or send an email to [email protected]
  14. Do not attempt to circumvent punishment, judgment, or a ban. Do not try to get a different ruling by bugging multiple admins till one agrees with you. If you disagree with the ruling given, you can post an appeal on the forums. Not following the appropriate appeal method can result in an instant third strike.
  15. NSFW and Anarchy, text chats, voice channels, servers, and other davidscloud services marked NSFW or Anarchy are not subject to rules other than extreme cases or illegal content and must be posted/done in the correct areas. Extreme cases would be hacking, attacking a member verbally and or directly, and or anything that might harm the server/community. Do not join those if you are easily offended, as they are intended to be 18+ areas. They must also still follow the platform's policies like discords tos, and the offending content will be deleted. If needed, davidscloud reserves the right to make case-by-case decisions regarding reports or issues in those areas.

    Legal Rules (Explained)
  16. Just like rule 1, you MUST be at least 13 years old to play or register on the website; therefore, you can not be allowed to play unless you're 13 years or older because we comply with COPPA. You can find out about that here: https://www.ftc.gov/enforcement/rul...ings/childrens-online-privacy-protection-rule
  17. Since we operate in Florida and all services other than discord and the website operate in Florida, you MUST have both parties consent to record voice audio. Florida is a two-party consent state. Please make sure you comply with your state's law on this and Florida law if you are using any of our servers we provide. You can find out more about Florida law on this subject here http://www.leg.state.fl.us/Statutes...ing=&URL=0900-0999/0934/Sections/0934.03.html

    Service Areas
  18. To Ensure the players inside our servers and our staff team have an optimal experience, any areas not within 200ms ping of our hosting, we do not provide support and may ping limit in some instances. For example, Singapore, China, Australia, India. As anything above 200ms ping may result in worse server performance or other game-related issues. If you are in one of these countries and have a stable ping under 200, this does not apply.
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Dec 25, 2016
Game-Specific Rules:

These rules are customized for specific games and must be observed if you play the game on our servers. Your game not listed? This means the behavior in your game should be covered by the community rules (no hacking, no harassment, no spam, etc.). Please remember to conduct yourself with good sportsmanship and if you feel a rule is lacking for a game you play don't hesitate to submit the idea to give feedback.

7 Days:
  1. Do not fully destroy entire cities or other important areas. Do not block access to these areas.
  2. Take only the land you need, do not build excessively sized bases, and avoid problematic builds for the server.
  3. Do not dig under someone's base.
  1. Do not grief other players or steal items. Unless you are in a pvp world.
  2. Take only the land you need, do not build excessively sized bases, and avoid problematic builds for the server. Like lag machines.
  3. Do not dig under someone's base. This falls under rule 1.
  4. Do not bother other players constantly and annoy them. If you are told to go away and leave them alone you must leave.
  5. Building offense structures in survival creative or PVP is not allowed. This includes genitals.

Ark PVE:
  1. Guidelines for Base Building:
    • Never build anything intentionally meant to lag the server (flashing lights, extremely high walls with no purpose, etc.). If your build is determined to be intentionally harmful to server health, it will be destroyed instantly and without notice.
    • Blocking of the following locations is prohibited: important resource locations (charge nodes, explorer notes, etc), caves, obelisks, spawn points, or pathways/waterways to important places. All of these must be accessible without any extensive means of a detour. If your base is built near a pathway or spawn, a publicly accessible way through must be clearly marked. Players should be able to fit any type of water/land traffic through.
    • Avoid taking large amounts of land, and take only land you intend to use. Your base must be fully rendered at medium render distance when standing at the center.
    • If you can see another tribe’s base at medium render distance, you are building too close and must obtain permission from the other tribe. The only exception to this rule is Aberration, where the options of safe water sources are limited and thus must be shared.
    • Using pillars and foundations to reserve land is prohibited.
    • All pumps must be left unlocked for public use. "Safety huts" may be built around gas/water/oil nodes, but must be left unlocked.
    • Bases are now limited to 10,000 structures. Anything bigger will be subject to deletion after 15 days of being told to reduce the base size. Total tribe structure limits are as follows: for every 2 additional tribe members, 3,000 additional structures may be added to the total tribe structure count. For example, a tribe with three members has a total tribe structure limit of 13,000. However, a base in a singular area cannot be over 10,000 regardless of tribe size. You can check the structure count of your base/s from the Almanac.
    • Each tribe is allowed one “public build” (ex. unlocked forge near but not blocking mining locale, pub with free beer, kibble station, etc.). This is a smaller building/facility that is left unlocked for public access. The structure must be clearly marked with signage for public use and is restricted to the same building rules as bases. Public builds will count toward your total tribe structure limits.
    • Each tribe is allowed three locations per map (one larger base and two smaller), and one additional location for each member. Please note: these are guidelines that Admins use to determine if your base(s) are in compliance with server policy to keep the game running as smoothly as possible for everyone. Since this rule is subjective, multiple Admins will review and vote on if your base is in violation to avoid unfair bias. If you are found in violation, you will be given two weeks to make corrections.
    • Large bases are not allowed on starter zones/beaches. If you are at the metal or tek tier, you should not be building on the beach/starter zones. Small structures on beaches and water pens for water dinos are allowed. Beaches and starter zones are intended for new players to build starter bases until they reach higher tiers of building.
    • Sleeping bags, beds on single foundations, and taming pens will be demolished after 2 days. Please do not leave these items scattered about the maps, as it prevents other players from enjoying the space on our shared servers. You can monitor your structures on each map from the “My Profile” section of the Almanac.
    • If you are unsure if your base/s fits within these guidelines, ask an Admin and they will advise you.
  2. A max of 200 tames may be out at once. Soul Pod or Cryopod and store any dinos not currently in use.
  3. Each tribe is allowed 2500 tames inside the soul terminal per map, with an additional 500 per tribe member up to 5000 total.
  4. If you are offline for longer than 30 days, your structures and tames will be cleared from the maps. This maintenance is done regularly by Admins and at any point past the 30-day limit, Admins reserve the right to clean up your structures and tames. If you must be offline for an extended period of time and would like to keep your structures and tames, please message any of the Ark Administrators and notify them of your expected absence BEFORE the 30-day timer is up. You can monitor your timers on each map from the “My Profile” section of the Almanac.
  5. Do not intentionally pick up players or their dinos without permission. Do not take items from players without their permission (ex. drowning bodies in water to loot them or leading a wild dino into a base to break structures). Doing so is considered griefing and subject to the Community’s Three Strike policy. Extreme cases will result in an instant third strike.
  6. Tamed creatures must be kept near their tribe’s base. Tribes are allowed to keep one tame per tribe member at a cave entrance/obelisk. Tames kept at caves cannot block entrances and are subject to a 7-day timer before removal by Admins. Tames left in such areas are at your own risk and you will not be compensated if something should happen to them. If your tame is left in the wild and violates this rule, it will be removed 24 hours after a warning has been issued.
  7. Setting tames to wander in the wild will result in the tames being confiscated. Wandering and aggressive tames will be destroyed on sight. These are considered harmful to the server and can result in an instant third strike in extreme cases.
  8. Tribes may only have one Titanosaur per tribe, per map. They are not to be bred. Violations of this rule will result in your Titanosaurs being confiscated and destroyed.
  9. No fliers are to be used on Aberration. Anyone found using fliers will have the creature confiscated and will receive a strike. Admins may use fliers only in the case of handling players’ tickets and NOT for normal gameplay.
Ark PVP:

1. Rules are simple everything goes but don't stop a play from starting out or leaving. That means blocking spawns or obelisks with turrets, pillars, etc or any other method. Spamming or causing the server to be locked down in any way.
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Some notes to include in this is that altas is a general pirate game aka PVP. Don't be upset if you get pirated or looted.

  1. No blocking important resource locations, freeport towns, spawns, or pathways/waterways to get to important places. All of these must be accessible without any extensive means of a detour. A player should be able to fit any type of traffic through. If you have questions about your build feel free to ask an admin and they will advise.
  2. No cheesing in PVP for example fire or explosion ships or any other nonconventional griefing method. For example, building a sloop and loading it up on the front with explosive barrels to sink someone is not allowed. If you're going to fight, fight fairly.
  3. The use of explosives barrels to sink ships is strictly forbidden they are to only be used for base raiding. This reinforces rule 2.
  4. No abusing of the collision to give you an advantage in PVP. For example, hiding resource boxes, explosive barrels inside each other, or loot inside rocks or other mesh.
  5. No griefing, this includes constantly killing someone over and over until they leave. Or completely leveling someone destroying all foundations etc.
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