Extended Events: 3/3-3/6

Added to Calendar: 03-03-19, 03-04-19, 03-05-19, 03-06-19, 03-07-19, 03-08-19

Well folks, Baldur got lazy again. Well more accurately, I got stuck trying to figure out how to plan something and the weekend events kinda slipped me by. But I'm making up for it. Starting Sunday, I'm setting up the next events to go all week to Saturday. We've also got a Rust server going now so look forward to fun times with that. Also, if anyone has any ideas they would like to see us do as a community, just reply and let us know. Can't guarantee we'll do everything but suggestions are always welcome. ;)

7 Days to Die:
50% Boost to Loot Abundance
-10 Days on Loot respawn
Air Drops every 48 hours in game

Conan Exiles:
Half Crafting Cost
Half Crafting Time
Half Thrall conversion time

3x Crafting Bonus
Double our normal harvest
Doubel Crop Growth

3x XP gain
3x faster Resource respawn
3x Harvest Amount

2x Landclaim gain.