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Mar 5, 2017
User name: Friend

Your name in game: Friend 3.0

Your steam name: Jimbo Grugnuts

Your discord name: Friend 3.0

What are server was this? Gen 2

Tribe Name: Tribe of Friend 3.0

Location (cords): Lat 40.34 lon 87.80

Location of your Main Base:

Dinos involved:

Players involved: Just Friend 3.0

Names of any Tribe-mates that you trust to address your issue if you are offline:

Soul Terminal:

Your normal hours that you play or will be available (with timezone please ie: EST/PST/Ect): 8pm to 11pm ESt

Details: So I used the kits for the raffles I won, the gen sucks and explorer raffle, while I got the levels I did not get the notes unlocked nor did the gen 1 tek engrams unlock. I don't know how the notes work, but maybe if I get 20k points I can use that to unlock the tek engrams via the store.

Picture/File upload. (Not Required) (DID NOT ANSWER QUESTION)
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Jun 9, 2021
hello i will be taking care of your ticket i should be on tomorrow and we will take care of this
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