[Resolved] jester1378's Report

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Jul 18, 2021
Username: jester1378

Your name in game: Jester

Your steam name: jester1378

Your discord name: jester1378

What are server was this? The Center as

Tribe Name: Jester's Tribe

Location (cords): 79.08 42.40

Location of your Main Base: 79.08 42.40

Dinos involved: none atm

Players involved: Me

Names of any Tribe-mates that you trust to address your issue if you are offline: n/a

Soul Terminal: No

Your normal hours that you play or will be available (with timezone please ie: EST/PST/Ect): EST 10am 3am Id guess

Details: My base will not let me add to it at all not even a bed or smithy

Picture/File upload. (Not Required) (DID NOT ANSWER QUESTION)
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