Migration Is Here!

Greetings Members,

It's time for the great migration!

To deal with the deprecation of S+ and S+ Platforms a brand new FRESH Island map will be placed up free of S+ for you to move to. Don't like the Island? Volcano will also be available as a new map to experience for all our players! Don't like that either? Well we got Scorched earth and Crystal Isles you can transfer to as well!

You'll be given till April 26th (one month) to move anything you intend to keep onto either of these new maps before the other servers will be wiped.

We will be placing tek transmitters into the store for you to grab and place in your base to make the transition easier. Additionally, the new island map will have increased collection rates and improved weight carry for the duration of the move to assist with building your new, s+ free bases. Also, we will be adding the speed saddle mod suggested earlier to help with those slow quetz!

We will cover any losses due to transition issues, just let us know on the forums. However, after April 26th we will not be replacing anything lost to the wipe! So get those bags packed and moved if you intend to keep them. - Island Migration - Scorched Earth - Volcano - Crystal Isles

Thank you so much for sticking with us through this,
- Davidscloud Team


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