Mythic Mare Hunt

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The June Monthly Event is here! This Saturday, 20 extra special rare sighting dinos will be hiding all over the Island, pre-tamed and waiting for you to hunt them down and claim them! It’s a finders-keepers free for all, with one exception. In addition to these rare tames, 5 level 300 unicorns are also hidden! Discovering one of these mythic mares will score you major bonus prizes. But only ONE level 300 unicorn may be claimed per player. The prizes they come with are so special, that the only way to know what you’ll win is to find a unicorn yourself!

WHAT TO DO WHEN YOU FIND A LEVEL 300 UNICORN? -- Screenshot it and privately message your pic to either Leafu or Mags. We will arrange to meet you with your bonus prizes. Again, only ONE unicorn may be claimed per player