Ragnarok PVE Maze Runs Next Week

the Ragnarok PVE Maze will open for its first community competition! Not only will you have to find your way through, you must first find specific treasures left behind as well as the key the final door. Prizes will be given to top three run times, including Shop points, blueprints, and may a dino or two, who knows?

Runs will be held on Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday of next week between 10 am to 6 pm ET (1000 to 18000 ET for you military types). DM me if you’re interested and the day / time you want to a run so it be can scheduled to avoid conflicts. Full rules and complete list of prizes will be posted this Friday so get your running shoes ready!



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Nov 6, 2017
1st Place: 300 Store Points, Ascendant Armor / Tool / Shield Blueprint of Runners choice
2nd Place: 200 Store Points, Mastercraft Armor / Tool / Shield Blueprint of Runners choice
3rd Place: 100 Store Points

Rules will be as follows:
1. Only one Runner may enter the Maze per attempt.
2. No personal equipment may be taken into the maze with the exception of regular food (e.g. jerky) and water.
3. All event runs must be supervised a member of Community Staff.
4. Run time will be counted from the Runner opens the second gate to when they cross the final exit.
5. Will need to find 4 treasures specified by Staff to receive full on time without penalties. Penalty of 1 minute will be added to time for each treasure missed. If less than half the treasures are turned in, Runner will be disqualified.
6. Runners be limited to 30 minutes in the Maze on a single attempt. Once that time is reached, they will be removed via Admin Teleport. Time will still be subjected to relevant penalties.
7. Should either Runner or Staff disconnect during run, Maze will be reset and Runner allowed to make a second attempt. Time from the disconnect will not be counted towards final time.
8. All equipment provided by the Maze must be returned one the run is completed.