[Resolved] RosieSquish's Report

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Apr 3, 2018
User name: RosieSquish

Your name in game: squish

Your steam name: Rosie Squish

Your discord name: Rosie Squish

What are server was this? primal fear rag

Tribe Name: bridges

Location (cords): davy's base at highlands 18.75 72.79 teleporting to hadi's base 18.82 46.82

Location of your Main Base: 15 32 ragnorok

Dinos involved: lvl 1245 evilhyeanadon

Players involved: primal squish

Names of any Tribe-mates that you trust to address your issue if you are offline: none, solo tribe

Soul Terminal: No

Your normal hours that you play or will be available (with timezone please ie: EST/PST/Ect): 4pm to 9pm centeral mountain time

Details: was fighting spirit guardian and it knocked me from Viking bay to highlands, so i was going to teleport back at davys base with my demonic hyaenadon powered up, when i teleported from davys base to hadi's the tame disappeared and now its gone without any trace, no death message, or body, like its stuck in the teleporter overflow, and with that i ran out of time to fight the boss and had to give up , and its left me a little bent, i went back with my other hyenadon to get knocked off by a stray raptor and killed instantly

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