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Apr 3, 2018
No KOS. This a Limited PVP - No Kill on Sight ("KOS") Server. The following places are Kill on Sight areas: -All air drops; -All Chinook timed boxes; -All Cargo; -Oil Rig; -Quarries (Excavator included); -Launch site; -Bradley (tank) boxes; -Patrol Helicopter Boxes; -Launch Site monument

PVP ends as soon as crate or the box has been collected and is no longer active. OIL RIG and CARGOSHIP are PVP ALWAYS. PLEASE DO NOT CHASE PLAYERS IN ORDER TO KILL THEM AND STEAL THEIR LOOT. Easy way to tell if timed crate has been collected is to press G (map) and check if it disappeared from the map. PVP for Helicopter Crates stops when the explosion marker had disappeared on the map. BradleyAPC crates are always PVP due to them being at launch site.

1. If you want to PVP you can fire one shot in the direction of the player. If the player turns and returns said shot PVP is on. If the player simply wants nothing to do with you, dont fire 10 other shots. THEY DONT WANT TO PVP. Do not shoot at a player, just in their direction. This is warning shot, not a warning wounding.

2. Raiding is allowed - if you are online raiding you can kill the occupants of the base. Occupants of the base can also kill you. Killing on sight is appropriate if the intent is there for the destruction to begin (i.e you have rockets / c4 / satchels and will place them on the door wall immediately following kill). Be aware that anyone can come and counter raid you and steal your supplies. You are fair game while in the raided base, or while trying to leave the raided base / immediate area with the loot. People can and often will camp outside in order to wait for you leave with the raided items.(edited)

3. No door camping and making claims that you are "raiding". If you are door camping with no raiding supplies, you are not raiding, you are just being a jerk.

4. This is a NOOB server. People come here because they are learning how to play or just generally want to get away from the toxicity of other servers. If you come here with a ZERG, obtain raiding supplies day 1 and start raiding solo players in shacks, We will remove you from the server.

5. No trap bases.

6. No griefing. Raiding is allowed on this server but do not grief the base. This includes: A: Locking players out of their base once the raid is over. B: Locking the TC. If you place a new TC leave it unlocked once the raid is over. Remove or unlock any doors placed once the raid is over. Do not wall in the TC. C: Unnecessarily destroying workbenches D: Unnecessarily destroying unlocked boxes E: DE spawning unwanted loot (With the exception of charcoal) F: Destroying Large furnaces and refineries is ok if looking for staches. Destroying small furnaces on foundations is not. G. Drawing obscenities on walls You don’t want to make the server population quit

7. Traps with-in the base is common sense. They are allowed. SAM sites on the roof are allowed. Live auto turrets WITHIN WALLS are allowed. Auto Turrets outside walls are allowed on PEACE KEEPER MODE with WARNING SIGNS.

8. Mines, bear traps or turrets in the wild are NOT allowed.

And as time goes on these rules may be subject to change as new features are implemented


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