Screenshot Scavenger Hunt List

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Screenshot Scavenger Hunt

You have until 11:59P EST Sunday 7/26 to submit!

Reply to this forum post with all of your screenshots in one message.

Attach them all at once please :)


  1. Max level rex with a green belly, mid-roar
  2. White or tan jerboa
  3. Titanoboa eating an achatina
  4. 3v3 battle between direwolves and mammoths
  5. Alpha wyvern
  6. Lymantria with pink wings
  7. Event colored wyvern
  8. Family of kairuku (adolescent and two adults)
  9. Giant Queen Bee out of her hive
  10. Lavender dodo
  11. Black brontosaurus
  12. 5 curious compy’s in one photo
  13. Charging triceratops
  14. Tek parasaur alerting your presence
  15. Pegomastix being a thief
  16. Yutyrannus with two carno friends
  17. Your favorite personal tame
  18. Artifact of the Strong on Ragnarok
  19. Artifact of the Hunter on the Island
  20. Box containing Helena Note #22
  21. Ocean, Cave, or Desert Loot Crate
  22. Alpha carno
  23. Unconscious max level tek rex
  24. Deathworm
  25. Mantis in lava
  26. Dilophosaur spitting in your face
  27. 20 dead dodos in one photo
  28. 2 tames abandoned by other players in the wild
  29. Sunset/sunrise moschops ride on the beach

    BONUS - If you take a selfie with a certain sleepy, purple-mustachioed admin around (20, 30) on No Mods Ragnarok, you’ll receive a super special bonus prize!


EVERYONE that submits the complete list of screenshots will win:

Exclusive Level 300 RS Rex (Level 300 Normal Rex for No Mods Player), Full Set Ascendant Fur Armor, Ascendant Pump Action Shotgun with 2 Stacks of Ammo, 100 Element, 100 Imprint Kibble (Extraordinary Kibble for No Mods Players)

The First FIVE Complete Submissions will win:

Exclusive Level 300 RS Wyvern (Level 300 Normal Wyvern for No Mods Players)
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