Spring Break!

Spring Event Comes Buzzing In!

Starting today and running for one week, Ark will be experiencing these changes to celebrate:
-Harvest x10
-Crop Growth Speed x10
-Breeding Times reduced by Half
-Imprinting Permanently Increased

At this time, we'll also be adding Dino Storage V2 to address all your breeding and cryo-pod concerns! We strongly recommend everyone upgrading to the system for a better dino storage solution. Check out the details here.

Still a bit chilly where you're at? Beat the chill on Scorched Earth! A fresh Scorched Earth map will be coming up for you to explore and enjoy.

Enjoy playing on our servers? Please check out the SSD campaign on Patreon to keep us up and running. Donations through PayPal will also count towards this goal. We thank you all for making our community great and helping us continue to provide service!