Upcoming Events and Weekend Boosts!

Added to Calendar: 03-16-19, 03-17-19

Heya folks! Got some big news for everyone with this weeks weekend boosts. We're right now looking to plan a big event to cross most, if not all, of the games we host at the DavidsCloud community: Atlas Kraken fight, Ark Boss / Ascention event, Minecraft Wither Hunt, just to name what I can off the top of my head.

Now we want to stagger these out instead of doing them all at the same time and we to plan them for time when the majority of the community will be available. If you haven't seen Ava's strawpoll, visit it (http://www.strawpoll.me/17579742) and let us know a good time. If a date is not listed, PM me or Ava in Discord with the dates. And has always: Have Fun, Don't Die, and don't do anything Rook wouldn't do.

7 Days to Die:
2x Loot Abundance

Conan Exiles:
Half time to Animal Pens

Half Taming Time

2x Landclaim gain

Half Taming Time