Weekend Events 10/9 - 10/10 Plus News

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Dec 25, 2016

We will be having a community meeting in two weeks, on 10/17, in the community meeting discord channel. If you have any suggestions, concerns, general feedback, or anything new you'd like to see about the servers or the community, feel free to bring it up with us during the meeting! We are also launching rust again server we are giving it another go and you can find the connection information like always here and we have another discord section for it! We also, thanks to a few awesome members already hit our $150 donation goal! The rewards for that are listed below.


The Best Base Contest! has been extended by user request. So make sure to keep posting your submissions we will be doing the voting on 10/9 and the winner will be announced 10/10. A special bonus kit will be going live next weekend along with the normal ingame kit.


Pixelmon will have a special kit this weekend brought by our admin Kratty!

Donation Goals for October:

We are currently saving up for a super awesome machine for new hosting and ark 2. So let's try and raise as many funds as possible! We did awesome last month let's try even better this month!

$100 - Special Bonus Kit. This will be taking place 10/9
$150 - Raffle Week one every day. This will be taking place from 10/10 to 10/16
$200 - Extra Wild Levels Weekend.
$250 - Superbuff Week.
$300 - Bonus Event at the end of the month.

Thanks for your continued support of the community!

- The Davidscloud Team


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