Weekend Events 4/17 - 4/18 Plus News

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Dec 25, 2016

The second community meeting will be held on April 17th, 6-7 pm est in discord. Notes are going to be posted on the website.


A new special kit will go live as soon as the weekend hits along with 2x breeding. Sunday will have an event for jousting! We will have it at 6 - 7 pm est


Double Gathering


A special login kit.

Donation Goals for April:

We are currently saving up for a super awesome machine for new hosting and ark 2. So let's try and raise as many funds as possible! We did awesome last month lets try even better this month! I spiced it up and lowered super buff week!

$100 - Special Bonus Kit. Will have an entire 30 days to redeem this free kit /kit BonusApril2021
$150 - Bonus Raffle Weekend.
$250 - Superbuff Week.
$250 - Community Choice
$300 - Bonus Event at the end of the month.

Thanks for your continued support of the community!

- The Davidscloud Team


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