Weekend Events 4/24 - 4/25 Plus News


The second community meeting was awesome. Notes will be posted soon with some info on changes addressed in the meeting. We also hit $150 dollars in donations which is awesome. Rewards will be going live next weekend.

A new special kit will go live as soon as the weekend hits along with 2x breeding. Raffles for gear and dinos. Sunday will have an event for moth racing event! We will have it at 6 - 7 pm est. So breed up some moths to prepare! You got one week!


Double Gathering

Donation Goals for April:

We are currently saving up for a super awesome machine for new hosting and ark 2. So let's try and raise as many funds as possible! We did awesome last month lets try even better this month! I spiced it up and lowered super buff week!

$100 - Special Bonus Kit. Will have an entire 30 days to redeem this free kit /kit BonusApril2021
$150 - Bonus Raffle Weekend. Raffles will be going next weekend along with some bonus special raffles for this tier!
$250 - Superbuff Week.
$250 - Community Choice
$300 - Bonus Event at the end of the month.

Thanks for your continued support of the community!

- The Davidscloud Team