Weekend Events 4/3 - 4/4 Plus News

Greetings Members,


The first community meeting was a success and we will be holding another one this month. This is going to be an ongoing thing. Really happy for all the people who showed up. Notes are going to be posted in a read-only section under general.



Since it will be easter there will be 2 special kits. On Saturday they will go live with the kit names being /kit easter1 and /kit easter2 one of them might be a April fools kit :)

Donation Goals for April:

We are currently saving up for a super awesome machine for new hosting and ark 2. So let's try and raise as many funds as possible! We did awesome last month lets try even better this month! I spiced it up and lowered super buff week!

$100 - Special Bonus Kit.
$150 - Bonus Raffle Weekend.
$250 - Superbuff Week.
$250 - Community Choice
$300 - Bonus Event at the end of the month.

Thanks for your continued support of the community!

- The Davidscloud Team