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Dec 25, 2016
Davidscloud Community Update - June 6th, 2024

Hello Davidscloud Community!

We're thrilled to share some exciting developments and new additions to our gaming lineup. Here’s what’s new as we move into the heart of June:

Soulmask Launch: Today marks the release of Soulmask, a new game now available on our network! Dive into this fresh adventure and discover what mysteries and challenges await. Just search ingame for DSC Soulmask.

Ark Survival Ascended - The Center Map: We are pleased to announce that The Center map for Ark Survival Ascended is now live! Join us in exploring this massive new world filled with incredible landscapes and ancient secrets.

Admin Tools Progress: Our backend admin tools have made significant progress, enhancing our ability to manage and update servers efficiently. These upgrades are crucial as we continue to improve our gaming environments.

Upcoming Community Meeting: Don’t miss our next community meeting scheduled for Saturday, June 15th, 2024, from 3 PM to 4 PM EST in Discord. We’ll discuss ongoing projects and future plans.

Recruiting More Admins: With the expansion of our admin tools, we need more hands on deck. If you’re interested in joining our admin team and helping out, please apply and reach out for more details.

Thank you for being an active part of our community. Your participation and support make all the difference!

The Davidscloud.net Team


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