Weekend News 5/22 - 5/23 Important


5/23 - 5/22 due to limited time/staff and preparation for the genesis part 2 release.

Important news

We will be having some downtime on Friday 5/21 at 10 AM to 3PM EST and the servers will be offline during this period. We will be doing some cleaning and installation of new equipment and software to prepare for the gen 2 release. Please note it may take more time or less time depending on how things go during this downtime so please be patient.

Donation Goals for May:

We are currently saving up for a super awesome machine for new hosting and ark 2. So let's try and raise as many funds as possible! We did awesome last month lets try even better this month! I spiced it up and lowered super buff week!

$100 - Special Bonus Kit. This kit will go live on the weekend! ( Maybe something to help with boss runs?) :)
$150 - Shiny Weekend on Primal and Modded.
$250 - Superbuff Week.
$300 - Bonus Event at the end of the month.

Thanks for your continued support of the community!

- The Davidscloud Team