Weekend Server Boosts 10/5/2019

Ark Events:

Builder: Crafting Skill Bonus Multiplier: 3x, Harvest Amount 15x , Resource Respawn- .10

Minecraft Events:

A Shrine Event has started on the server. Shrines are small buildings placed in locations ANYWHERE on the map. to find these shrine, you must first find the Shrine Keepers and question them for the coordinates of the shrines. The 6 Shrine Keepers are located in any of the cities or near any of the already constructed paths between cites. Once you obtain the coordinates, you can then begin your hunt for the specified shrine. There is a pokeball in each shrine that contains a specified pokemon and is a first come, first served pokemon. There are 6 Shrines to find and obtain so there are plenty of chances to win! Happy hunting!!! -Fate


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