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Want to know how to choke out an Intel Pentium B960, Have a love heart cursor trail on your Jobs website...DAVID!
Anyone know what is going on with the Center Server. It's been down for hours and haven't heard a thing
It crashed while I was asleep It is back in operation again
Hey Richinn, The server seems to be down for a bit. I have somewhere to be soon. I will be back on tomorrow and we can do what we discussed. You're not on my steam friends list, so this was my only other option to contact you bro. I will try 1 more time to log on, otherwise, tomorrow. Mega

Oh, you can add me, my steam name is bjf1230 That goes for anyone else as well.
Servers are down due to an issue with the ISP. We unfortunately can not aid in making this any faster. Please contact us via forums.