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    Weekend Events 7/31 - 8/1 Plus News

    News: We will be doing a community meeting Saturday 7/31/21 7 to 8 pm est in discord where everyone can voice their concerns and feedback in an organized fashion. Ark: Due to the recent week of bad updates, server crashes caused by wildcard updates last weekend were horrible for events and...
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    [Resolved] chivesqueen907's Report

    resolved players issue
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    Weekend Events 7/17 - 7/18 Plus News

    News: We will be doing a community meeting Sunday 7/19/21 7 to 8 pm est in discord where everyone can voice their concerns and feedback in an organized fashion. Some events from last weekend will be repeated due to some errors. Death220 is an officer many of you might have noticed. His rule is...
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    Weekend Events 7/10 - 7/11 Plus News

    News: We delayed posting our announcement on Monday due to hurricane Elsa and a few other technical issues but we are back on schedule and will resume posting every Monday. The good news is we hit our donation goal last month and are going to be doing all of those rewards this month. We thank...
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    Weekend Events 7/3 - 7/4 Plus News

    News: Staff will be taking a break on 7/4 in observance of the holiday. Ark: Double Harvest for the weekend of 7/3 - 7/4 Some server events will be happening on 7/3 and the event map will be brought up for some extra fun. All this will take place 6 -7 pm est. There will be a new kit that...
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    Big News + Weekend Events 6/26 - 6/27

    News: We have upgraded our Minecraft machine and launched multiple new Minecraft servers! We will now prematurely be hosting an additional Minecraft server which is anarchy and will not be controlled or enforced on. So go crazy on it! Additionally, we are hosting a new mod pack and updated our...
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    Weekend Events 6/19 - 6/20 Plus News

    News: Please sill give comments on the following thread we will need feedback as it helps us! Ark: Double Breeding for the full week on all servers, raffles are now active Also...
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    [Resolved] Cant use or place anything

    Hi, since you didnt submit the correct ticket format it did not notify any admin. Please in the future do it correctly by submit report on the top of the website. Your character got glitched into a bed. Try sleeping in a bed and getting out of it.
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    [Rejected] Dotels's Report

    As stated we are not providing any assistance with the rollback from the ds2 mod error, this was a mod author error and it would take way too long to help everyone and if we help one person we have to help everyone. This is something we don't like doing but we can not assist with this instance...
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    Important News and Event information.

    It will remain a major focus for sure. You won't be forgotten so don't worry we will continue to be around for a long time to come and so will ark.
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    Important News and Event information.

    News: First, I'd like to say we haven't posted events for the last two weeks due to Arks new DLC, but we are going back to our normal schedule. Arks final DLC is here, and everyone seems to be really enjoying it. The burning question in the back of my mind and probably some of my staff's mind...
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    [Resolved] itmc's Report

    I have sent the user a message on discord with instructions on how to repair their character and have given them the ascensions.
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    [Resolved] itmc's Report

    This is not a bug nor server issue and does not warrant admin interaction but I will assist you in recovering these this once.
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    [Resolved] Darkarronian's Report

    Noglins revert your times to wild. This is a feature not a bug or server issue. Sorry but this is part of the game and we can not help.
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    [Resolved] Dera's Report

    Replaced items and dinos for the player.