Big News + Weekend Events 6/26 - 6/27
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We have upgraded our Minecraft machine and launched multiple new Minecraft servers! We will now prematurely be hosting an additional Minecraft server which is anarchy and will not be controlled or enforced on. So go crazy on it! Additionally, we are hosting a new mod pack and updated our vanilla server with the latest version. So go enjoy them! Find the servers here


There will be...
Weekend Events 6/19 - 6/20 Plus News
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Please sill give comments on the following thread we will need feedback as it helps us!


Double Breeding for the full week on all servers, raffles are now active Also, the kits are now live. /kit BonusJune2021 and /kit June2021

There will be a new kit...
Important News and Event information.
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First, I'd like to say we haven't posted events for the last two weeks due to Arks new DLC, but we are going back to our normal schedule.

Arks final DLC is here, and everyone seems to be really enjoying it. The burning question in the back of my mind and probably some of my staff's mind is, where do we go from here? This has been a question I have been thinking over for about a month now, leading up to the final DLC for ark. As most of you know, we mainly have...
Weekend News 5/22 - 5/23 Important
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5/23 - 5/22 due to limited time/staff and preparation for the genesis part 2 release.

Important news

We will be having some downtime on Friday 5/21 at 10 AM to 3PM EST and the servers will be offline during this period. We will be doing some cleaning and installation of new equipment and software to prepare for the gen 2 release. Please note it may take more time or less time depending on how things go during...
Weekend Events 5/15 - 5/16 Plus News
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We will be skipping weekend events (other than boosted rates) for the following weekends 5/1 - 5/2 and 5/23 - 5/22 due to limited time/staff and preparation for the genesis part 2 release. If you want to help do events please do a staff app. We will still be doing events for 5/8 - 5/9 and 5/15 - 5/16.

Thank you guys for the donations. Hardware prices have skyrocketed and it is so important we have your support :)

Ark will be having the...

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