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Dino Beauty Contest: Birds Edition!
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Round up your most brilliant birds and dust off your screenshot skills – it’s time for another Dino Beauty Contest!

Submissions are open from today until 12pm EST on Sunday, 8/16.

1st Place – Community Spotlight on Discord and Davidscloud.net, Dino Dermis in the Hall of Champions at Ragnarok Community Center, Ascendant Argent or Snow Owl Speed Saddle, Ascendant Assault Rifle

2nd Place – Dino dermis in the Hall of Champions at...
August Monthly Event - Fight Club!
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This Friday at 8p EST and Saturday at 3p and 10p EST we’ll be hosting our davidscloud.net monthly Ark event!

Meet us on an Events Only PvP Map for THREE opportunities to win a stack of prizes that any PvP enthusiast will love! The first rule of Fight Club is you don’t talk about Fight Club….we get it. But here are some basics, if you’re not sure what to expect:

-This is a simple, fists only punch-out tournament - no armor or weapons allowed! The first...
Weekly Event 7/31 - 8/2 - Find Fluffy!
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Have you heard the Legend of Fluffy? Across the Arks, a mysterious creature lurks in the shadows. Awaiting the time that a skilled survivor discovers his location, perched near running water, he remains passive and still.

First Survivor on Each Map to Find Fluffy will receive:
Level 300 Galvanic Shadowkin Velanosaur, Ascendant Saddle Blueprint, Ascendant Tek Helmet, Ascendant Pump Action Shotgun Blueprint
All participants to find Fluffy will receive a Level 300...​
Triple Play Week!
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This week on Davidscloud is Triple Play Week!
Long story short - you have THREE events to enjoy and THREE opportunities to score sweet dinos and prizes!

Rare Sightings Weekend!

Thanks to our generous supporters, this weekend brings us an RS Extravaganza!

Saturday 7/25 6-9P EST and Sunday 7/26 12-3P EST!
on the following modded maps:
Crystal Isles PvE - The Island - Ragnarok - Valguero - Scorched Earth -...
July Monthly Event - Hungry Hungry Wyverns
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This Friday and Saturday we’ll be hosting our davidscloud.net monthly Ark event!

Meet us at No Mods Island on Friday 7/17 @ 8p EST and Saturday 7/18 at 12p & 8p EST
for THREE opportunities to win a stack of prizes worth their weight in gold.

The aim of the game is simple - use the wyvern provided to you to collect the most golden dodos from the dragon’s hoard in the center ring and escort them safely back to your designated pen. Once all dodos have been...

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