• With Thanksgiving coming up, the staff at Davidscloud will be spending time with their familys. Admins will NOT be required to answer tickets through the following dates: 11/26/19 - 12/3/19 If an admin does happen to answer a ticket its at their discretion. Please do not spam admins about tickets or look at them unless they are severe issues that prevent you from playing on our servers.
Volcano & Crystal Isle Map Removal
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Unfortunately, it has come time to remove both Crystal Isle and Volcano from our cluster. Why?

Volcano has not received updates in over a year despite having some major issues on the map and is now being declared done by the developer. They have no intention of going back in and fixing the issues that make Volcano prone to crashes, memory leaks, and buggy terrain. Meanwhile, Crystal Isles development has continued to make the map more and more unstable with each update, finally resulting in...
Volcano & Crystal Isle Map Removal.
Halloween Events Continued!
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Hello ARK survivors!

As the dodo-wyvern's reign of terror continues we MUST find a way to stop the horror! At 6pm EST we will be having a dodo-wyvern dogfight!

For this event the ONLY dinos that will be allowed will be FLYERS!! The prize for the event will definitely rattle your bones.
Dinos Allowed:
- Griffins
- Argies
- Pteras
- Owls
- Wyverns

DInos NOT allowed:
- Manas
- Rockdrakes
- BOSS wyverns (dodo wyvern)


At 5pm EST I will be releasing a Scavenger hunt!! Be...
Halloween Event!
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This Saturday, November 2nd, we will be hosting a two part Halloween event on Ark. Starting at 10am EST this event will consist of two fights with a 12 hour intermediation, the second fight being at 10pm EST; each fight having two parts.

Survivors will be meeting in the Ragnarok Desert to fight the Dodo Rex along with his stubborn minions the Zomdodos. Once he is slain, survivors will have a 5 to 10 minute intermediation period to heal dinos, mend armor, and overall prepare for the next...
Super Buff Week!
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We made it to our $150 goal mark for the server upgrade! So that means it's time for a whole week of super buffs! Get all your farming, exploring, breeding, and building boosted through Oct 20th to Oct 31st! Enjoy it while it lasts everyone and thank you to all our contributors!

Full list of buffs:
  • Taming- 10 to 20x base
  • Mating Interval - .25 to .1 base
  • Baby Mature Speed- 10 to 20x base
  • Egg Hatch Speed- 10 to 20x base
  • Crafting Skill Bonus Multiplier: 2 to 5x base...
Super Buff Week!.
Weekend Server Boosts 10/5/2019
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Ark Events:

Builder: Crafting Skill Bonus Multiplier: 3x, Harvest Amount 15x , Resource Respawn- .10

Minecraft Events:

A Shrine Event has started on the server. Shrines are small buildings placed in locations ANYWHERE on the map. to find these shrine, you must first find the Shrine Keepers and question them for the coordinates of the shrines. The 6 Shrine Keepers are located in any of the cities or near any of the already constructed paths between cites. Once you obtain the coordinates...

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