Hurricane Dorian
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On the current track we are looking at getting hit with a Category 4 or a Category 5 Hurricane early Monday and it is going to be sitting on us for about 2 Days. Good news is the eye wall looks like it will be away but the winds and rain will still cause damage very far inland which will inevitably bring down power lines so we will be without power for maybe a day or a week it is impossible to tell. So Sun at 8:00 pm we will be turning off all game servers and backing up all data...
Weekend Server Boosts 8/16/2019-8/18/2019
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Farmer Weekend!

Egg Lay Interval: .1x
Crop Growth Speed: 10x
Weekend Server Boosts 8/09/2019-8/12/2019
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ARK Builder Weekend!

Crafting Skill Bonus- 5x
Harvest Amount- 15x
Resource Respawn- .10
Weekend Server Boosts: 8/02-04/2019
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Ark Breeder Weekend!

Taming- 10 to 20x
Baby Mature Speed- 10 to 15x
Egg Hatch Speed- 10 to 20x
***Attention Attention Come One Come All!!***
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Welcome all to the Davidscloud Fundraising Event!

On June 29th we will be hosting a 12 hour twitch stream starting at 10am. During this time we will have MANY events running to celebrate our community as we work together to raise money to fund our next server upgrade!

Our goal this year will be 1000$ to fund a fully equipped server to host a dedicated Atlas server and any gained over that goal will go...

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