Weekend Events 9/22 to 9/23
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Ark: Explorer's Weekend:
10x Taming Speed
3x Loot quality

Conan Exiles:
10x XP gain

7 Days to Die:
Increased air drops


Enchanting weekend:
use /voucher redeem Enchantment to get some help with your enchanting
2x Exp Gain
Weekend Events for 9/15 - 9/16
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Ark: Its a Breeder's Weekend.

2x Normal Mating Interval
2x Normal Hatching Rate

2x Normal Baby Maturation!


2x Landclaim
Davidscloud Survey
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We really do care about each and every one of you. We want to expand and grow as well as make our current members feel home within the community. From time to time we like to collect a survey to find a bit more about you as well as see our faults and improve on them. A survey seems to do that really well so here is our 2nd Davidscloud survey. Please fill out the form if you have time to do so. We understand you are busy so we asked as much as we need with as few questions...
Labor Day Events
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For some reason, this post didn't go live on Friday. We do apologize for not posting this sooner. Will make corrections so this doesn't happen again. Events should happen every weekend. That being said This weekend events are as follows.

7 Days to Die:
Time setback to day 0.
Loot will be 200%

Ark Survival Evolved:
x10 XP
Free Event Dino via Shop do /kit Labor

Conan Exiles:
Instant Thrall crafting.
PixArk Notice
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Greetings Members,

As the days go by some games lose favor and fade away. Well, as quick as it came PixArk has died off. There are less than 300 people playing it a day at the time of this post. We are officially retiring PixArk and save the resources for another game. We will no longer be providing PixArk server starting 8/20/18.

- David

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