Server Events" 11/17 - 11/ 18
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10x Player XP gain.

7 Days to Die:
More zombies during Blood Moon

Conan Exiles:
3x Thrall corruption removal
Half Player Corruption Gain

2x landclaim per hour
Server Events: 11/10-11/12
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10x Taming Speed
10x Harvest Amount
Double Crop Growth Speed

7 Days to Die:
Increased Loot Abundance
Increased Air Drops

Half Crafting Time
5x Player Xp Gain

2x Landclaim Blocks
Ark Extinction Server Opening
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Extinction will be released tomorrow and we will have our server up and running when it comes out. You will be able to transfer your person but not dinos or items at first. There will be a delay of 2 weeks before we open all transfers. This is to ensure everyone will enjoy the experience of extinction. We look forward to seeing you on!

So I wanted to clarify some things. The shop will be disabled for the first few days. Transfers of Items and...
Server Events 11/3 to 11/5
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Ark: Explorer's Weekend:
10x Taming Speed
3x Loot quality

Conan Exiles:
10x XP gain

7 Days to Die:
Increased air drops

2x land claim block gain
3x Player XP gain
By the pricking of my thumbs....
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Something wicked your way comes! The big leagues of Halloween have gathered and its up to the Ark survivors to take them down. Spawning at 9 pm Eastern tomorrow, October 31st, will be multiple Broodmothers, Megapithocus, and Alpha Rexes with the big boss the season making an appearance: DODO REX!

Get your team, get your gear, and get your sleeping bags. You're in for a hell of a night.

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