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Weekend Raffles!
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Here at Davidscloud, we will begin Weekend Raffles.

These raffles will begin on Saturdays at 6:00am EST, and end Sundays at 6:00pm EST. Most of the time, these raffles will give away random saddle blueprints to 5 lucky winners. BUT! You, the player, can request special raffles for that weekend, and you will be mentioned as the Creator of that raffle.

We hope you will participate in these raffles and help us create new and exciting ones as more people join Davidscloud!

ARK Building Contest Winners

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Winners here!!!!

First and foremost I want to thank everyone who participated! This has been one of the best build contests I have ever had the joy of judging. Each of these builds clearly showed each of the players personality and style. The builds were all truly wonderful but of course there must be winners! So without further ado:

Tree House Placements:

First place @LeFay (2 lvl 300 Dinos of your choice custom colored, with asc saddles, 1 set of high lvl tek gear, and...
Ark Building Contest
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Time to announce our first Special event for the month!! From now till April 1st you can enter our Building Contest! All maps are open to build on (primal fear included). All builds will be judged on April 1st but to be entered you must meet the following rules:

Tree Houses:
-Must be built Inside or On a tree
-No tek lvl building materials (walls/floors/ceilings/ect)
-No more than 3 Platforms
-No flashing lights
-Must be accessible via flying/tp/or stairs
-Must have a landing zone for 2...
Swamp Tower Maze on Rag! Jan 18th 10pm EST
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Join us on Ark Saturday, Jan 18, at 10pm EST on Ragnarok to attempt the Swamp Tower Maze. There will be prizes for some and death for others. Come and see what awaits you!
Ark Desert Maze Run! Sat Jan 11 @ 10pm EST
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Join us on Ark and come to the desert on Rag and see if you can escape the desert Maze! Prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. Prizes include armor sets, dino saddles and weapons.

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