Happy New Years
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Greetings Members,

Thank you for another wonderful year at Davidscloud. We have grown so much. The community continues to expand and gain more people. We would be nothing if it was not for you. There has been many upsides and many downsides this year but we always managed to maintain course. It will be nice to bring this year to a wrap and move into the future because the future is bright for us and everyone at Davidscloud. We look forward to seeing you all in 2019! Thank you for...
Limited Support During Holiday Notice
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During the times of 12/23/18 to 12/28/18 Tickets will not be answered. Staff will off for the holiday and not be responded to tickets. If you see them please do not bother them this is their time off. If you do have a issue please still submit a ticket and staff will answer it when they return. If you have comments or questions please just reply here.

- David
Its time for an Extinction Iditarod Race!!
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Hey folks! The time has come for the first of the Ark Iditarod Races! Race will take place this Friday Dec. 21. The starting flare will fire at 8:30 pm ET and we'll start gathering approx 1 hour before to make sure everyone who wants to run is there. Rules for the run will be as follows:

1. Only wild caught Megalaceros permitted as mounts.
2. All racers will line up at starting gate. Do no start until flare is fired. Early starts will be disqualified.
DavidsCloud Winter Holiday Events
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Hey folks! It's time to start our own Winter Wonderful events. We'll be starting off slow and gradually increasing boosts on servers until just before the Christmas holiday. The first boost will take effect on the next server restart with the next boost coming on 12/12. The first boosts will start with:

10x Player Xp
10x Harvesting
10x Taming
3x Player Crafting bonus
3x Loot Quality

Half Craft Time
Half Stamina Costs
Server Weekend Events: 12/1 to 12/2
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10x Taming Speed

7 Days to Die:
Fewer Blood Moon Zombies
Increased Air Drops

Conan Exiles:
Half Crafting Costs

2x Land Claim block

Also, keep on the lookout because Christmas is coming and we've got some goodies planned. ;-)

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