Staff Positions Open
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Greetings Members,

We have not made a post about this in a while so I wanted to update everyone on what staff positions are available. I will provide them in a detailed fashion:
  1. Rust Admin, We are looking for one additional Rust admin. This staff position responsibility would be to:
    1. Advertise the server and help attract new players.
    2. Respond to tickets on the forums for rust....
Weekend Server Changes 6/1 - 6/3
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Greetings Members,

So we're going to get more into changing around the settings on the servers every weekend to make things more entertaining. Somethings might get easier, or they might get harder for a challenge. Mind you, we won't be messing with creature or player stats for the most part but something in teh world might differ. And the things we adjust will change each week. I've put the changes for this weekend below and will go into effect the next time the servers...
Ark Server TLC Rebalance
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Greetings Members,

We are going to introduce a small change on our ark servers on Friday, If you guys didn't know we have boosted rates for the dinos in regards to how much of a boost you get through imprinting and how many points you put into a stat. What we are rebalancing is the points you get per level on health and damage, this will be still boosted significantly from vanilla but not way over the top. This is a pretty small change for some, If you are already 10 generations...
Godzilla Month of Monsters screenshot contest
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The Titans are coming and its your job to catch them on film. The Month of Monsters Screenshot contest will open for submissions tomorrow May 1st and will close May 26th. Winners will be chosen by community vote and announced on or near the 31st.

1st Place will receive a special high level Tek Rex colored to their request and 600 points for the ingame store.
2nd Place will receive as well as 300 store points and a max level dino from the movie: Mothra (lymantra)...
Spring Break!
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Spring Event Comes Buzzing In!

Starting today and running for one week, Ark will be experiencing these changes to celebrate:
-Harvest x10
-Crop Growth Speed x10
-Breeding Times reduced by Half
-Imprinting Permanently Increased

At this time, we'll also be adding Dino Storage V2 to address all your breeding and cryo-pod concerns! We strongly recommend everyone upgrading to the system for a better dino storage solution...
Spring Break!.

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