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Cutest Carnivore Contest!
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Upload your submission for the Cutest Carnivore Contest below!
Submissions open from now until 11:59pm June 5th

Here's a recap of the rules:
  • Only ONE submission per player!
  • Crazy colors encouraged; rare sightings allowed!
  • Carnivores only!
A complete list of dinos allowed for...
Announcement to Concerns and Feedback
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Hey there!

We had some awesome feedback, some of you are super happy with the community while some of you have some concerns and issues. It is very important to let us know what you think is needing improvement, as you can see what we might miss. Your feedback is what helps us change and improve to be a better community for everyone. We plan to address many of your concerns and make any appropriate changes to issues brought up. While we may not be able to please everyone, it is...
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So its time to collect information learn how to improve the experience of the players in the community. Please let us know how you feel. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1sZSrD5J0aHBfHl9-V442GyVv3bkGz1zJOlJdkuWEICE/
Raft Race!
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Itching to get out on the open seas? Longing to hop on a boat and sail off into adventure? Join us this weekend for an epic Raft Race on the Island! The rules are simple – show up naked and watch out for the whales! There are two opportunities to race, Friday 5/22 at 8pm and Saturday 5/23 at 3pm. Every player joining the race will get a SUPER SPECIAL EXCLUSIVE SURPRISE just for racing. The winners of each race will receive:

1st Place: full set of ascendant SCUBA gear, ascendant harpoon...
Weekend Raffles!
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Here at Davidscloud, we will begin Weekend Raffles.

These raffles will begin on Saturdays at 6:00am EST, and end Sundays at 6:00pm EST. Most of the time, these raffles will give away random saddle blueprints to 5 lucky winners. BUT! You, the player, can request special raffles for that weekend, and you will be mentioned as the Creator of that raffle.

We hope you will participate in these raffles and help us create new and exciting ones as more people join Davidscloud!

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