Weekend Server Boosts: 8/02-04/2019
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Ark Breeder Weekend!

Taming- 10 to 20x
Baby Mature Speed- 10 to 15x
Egg Hatch Speed- 10 to 20x
***Attention Attention Come One Come All!!***
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Welcome all to the Davidscloud Fundraising Event!

On June 29th we will be hosting a 12 hour twitch stream starting at 10am. During this time we will have MANY events running to celebrate our community as we work together to raise money to fund our next server upgrade!

Our goal this year will be 1000$ to fund a fully equipped server to host a dedicated Atlas server and any gained over that goal will go...
Weekend Server Boosts: 06/08/19 - 06/10/19
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Time again for weekend server changes:

Mating intervals cut by half
50% increase to egg hatch speed
Taming interval set at 15x base

7 Days to Die:
Loot respawn set to 20 days

Conan Exiles:
Purge will be turned off tonight so you can breath easier.
Staff Positions Open
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Greetings Members,

We have not made a post about this in a while so I wanted to update everyone on what staff positions are available. I will provide them in a detailed fashion:
  1. Rust Admin, We are looking for one additional Rust admin. This staff position responsibility would be to:
    1. Advertise the server and help attract new players.
    2. Respond to tickets on the forums for rust....
Weekend Server Changes 6/1 - 6/3
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Greetings Members,

So we're going to get more into changing around the settings on the servers every weekend to make things more entertaining. Somethings might get easier, or they might get harder for a challenge. Mind you, we won't be messing with creature or player stats for the most part but something in teh world might differ. And the things we adjust will change each week. I've put the changes for this weekend below and will go into effect the next time the servers...

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