Spring Break!
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Spring Event Comes Buzzing In!

Starting today and running for one week, Ark will be experiencing these changes to celebrate:
-Harvest x10
-Crop Growth Speed x10
-Breeding Times reduced by Half
-Imprinting Permanently Increased

At this time, we'll also be adding Dino Storage V2 to address all your breeding and cryo-pod concerns! We strongly recommend everyone upgrading to the system for a better dino storage solution...
Spring Break!.
Migration Is Here!
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Greetings Members,

It's time for the great migration!

To deal with the deprecation of S+ and S+ Platforms a brand new FRESH Island map will be placed up free of S+ for you to move to. Don't like the Island? Volcano will also be available as a new map to experience for all our players! Don't like that either? Well we got Scorched earth and Crystal Isles you can transfer to as well!

You'll be given till April 26th (one...
Migration Is Here!.
Upcoming Events and Weekend Boosts!
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Heya folks! Got some big news for everyone with this weeks weekend boosts. We're right now looking to plan a big event to cross most, if not all, of the games we host at the DavidsCloud community: Atlas Kraken fight, Ark Boss / Ascention event, Minecraft Wither Hunt, just to name what I can off the top of my head.

Now we want to stagger these out instead of doing them all at the same time and we to plan them for time when the majority of the community will be...
Extended Events: 3/3-3/6
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Well folks, Baldur got lazy again. Well more accurately, I got stuck trying to figure out how to plan something and the weekend events kinda slipped me by. But I'm making up for it. Starting Sunday, I'm setting up the next events to go all week to Saturday. We've also got a Rust server going now so look forward to fun times with that. Also, if anyone has any ideas they would like to see us do as a community, just reply and let us know. Can't guarantee we'll do everything but...
Upcoming Maintenance
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Greetings Members,

Monday Feb 25th, Davidscloud will be undergoing planned downtime starting around 1:00 pm, EST. During this maintenance, Davidscloud will be unavailable for a few mins or up to an hour. Please pay attention as some things may or may not change with this maintenance be it IP addresses or unknown issues so please be patient.

- Davidscloud Team.

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