Boosted Gather Weekend 12/14-12/15!
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Join us this weekend, Sat and Sun, 12/14-12/15, for double gather rates!!
Conan Map Purge
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Due to map corruption we will be full wiping the Conan server. Unfortunately, we can't save any data, but the map has reached a point it can't be maintained as is. This will be done on Dec 20th. We are deeply sorry for this and know it can be frustrating, but it's become unavoidable. We hope you all will continue to join us playing Conan on the fresh map.
Conan Map Purge.
Upcoming Events Reminder
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Here's a reminder of all the upcoming events. Please note there have been some date changes due to staff availability.

BONUS: Ark Super Buff week: Extended through Nov 22nd- Ends Tonight!
ARK RS weekend @ Dec 7th & 8th 7pm - 9pm EST
ARK Event week @ Dec 9th - 16th, Vote for your favorite event NOW
ARK Dodorex & Dodowyvern Boss events + Special limited event dino for those who attend @ Dec 14th 7pm - 9pm EST

BONUS: Pixelmon hunt increased IV...
Upcoming Events.
Volcano & Crystal Isle Map Removal
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Unfortunately, it has come time to remove both Crystal Isle and Volcano from our cluster. Why?

Volcano has not received updates in over a year despite having some major issues on the map and is now being declared done by the developer. They have no intention of going back in and fixing the issues that make Volcano prone to crashes, memory leaks, and buggy terrain. Meanwhile, Crystal Isles development has continued to make the map more and more unstable with each update, finally resulting in...
Volcano & Crystal Isle Map Removal.
Halloween Events Continued!
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Hello ARK survivors!

As the dodo-wyvern's reign of terror continues we MUST find a way to stop the horror! At 6pm EST we will be having a dodo-wyvern dogfight!

For this event the ONLY dinos that will be allowed will be FLYERS!! The prize for the event will definitely rattle your bones.
Dinos Allowed:
- Griffins
- Argies
- Pteras
- Owls
- Wyverns

DInos NOT allowed:
- Manas
- Rockdrakes
- BOSS wyverns (dodo wyvern)


At 5pm EST I will be releasing a Scavenger hunt!! Be...

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