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Boosted Rates 12/21 - 12/25
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Greetings Members,

We have some Boosted Rates for everyone to enjoy 12/21 - 12/25 and they are as follows:

Double Gathering
Double Taming
Special Kit for everyone to redeem. Do /kit christmas and you will get a ton of goodies! (Please do it outside as santa himself will also bring a gift from the sky!)

Additionally we will start doing weekend events every week from this point forward and will add other games like conan and minecraft so stay tuned.

Davidscloud Staff Holiday Notice
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Our staff has worked hard all year to provide great service to everyone on the server. As such they will be enjoying a much needed holiday starting December 23rd till January 2nd. During this time they are NOT required to answer any tickets. If they do so it is under their own prerogative and their own good will. Please respect this time and only dm admins in extreme situations (ie situations where you can point blank no longer play, your character has been corrupted/broken, ect.)

In the...
Boosted Gather Weekend 12/14-12/15!
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Join us this weekend, Sat and Sun, 12/14-12/15, for double gather rates!!
Conan Map Purge
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Due to map corruption we will be full wiping the Conan server. Unfortunately, we can't save any data, but the map has reached a point it can't be maintained as is. This will be done on Dec 20th. We are deeply sorry for this and know it can be frustrating, but it's become unavoidable. We hope you all will continue to join us playing Conan on the fresh map.
Conan Map Purge.
Upcoming Events Reminder
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Here's a reminder of all the upcoming events. Please note there have been some date changes due to staff availability.

BONUS: Ark Super Buff week: Extended through Nov 22nd- Ends Tonight!
ARK RS weekend @ Dec 7th & 8th 7pm - 9pm EST
ARK Event week @ Dec 9th - 16th, Vote for your favorite event NOW http://www.strawpoll.me/19001075
ARK Dodorex & Dodowyvern Boss events + Special limited event dino for those who attend @ Dec 14th 7pm - 9pm EST

BONUS: Pixelmon hunt increased IV...
Upcoming Events.

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